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RR Design Team September Project by Craft Girl Studios

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The third installment in the first set of September design team projects comes from Monika with Craft Girl Studios.  She was sent supplies for this project in black and red colors with some silver accents with a punk rock theme.  She added a few extras like the silver diamond piece and came out with the case you see below. I really like that she kept it very dark with pops of the red color.  It really makes the color stand out.   Monika definitely achieved the punk rock glam look.  I definitely could see a musician walking around with this phone case.  You can find links to Monika’s store and social media below along with links to the products used in this phone case.

September Design Team Project by Craft Girl Studios

September Design Team Project by Craft Girl Studios


Craft Girl Studios

 You can find Monika with Craft Girl Studios online in her Etsy store or via Facebook.

If you would like your project using products featured on the blog, please contact me here.

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RR Design Team Sept. Project by Mini Goddess Treasures

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The next design team project comes from Ash from Mini Goddess Treasures.  When I was looking through the design team applications to make my choices, I really loved her beautiful and bold necklaces for both children and adults.  I sent her a selection of red and red/white striped beads along with a Decoden pendant base and cabochons as Ash had mentioned she would like to try Decoden.  She added the black and white striped beads from her stash to the mix.  I actually have them in inventory but have not had a chance to add them to the store yet.  I will leave a link below when they have been added.  With that addition, she created this pretty and vibrant necklace with a cool Decoden focal.  Check out the process photo slide show and the completed necklace photos below.  All the supplies from the Rockin Resin store are listed below as well along with links on where to find Mini Goddess Treasures online.

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Design Team September Project by Mini Goddess Treasures
Design Team September Project by Mini Goddess Treasures
Design Team September Project by Mini Goddess Treasures


You can find Ash from Mini Goddess Treasures on Facebook here or by clicking the logo above.

If you would like your project using products featured on the blog, please contact me here.

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Rockin Resin Design Team September Project by Sadira Designs

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Sadira from has created our first ever Design Team project posted here on the blog.  She created an absolutely beautiful, classy case from cabochons and supplies and a few from her own stash.  Sadira writes:

Project 1 included lots of pink and lots of bling! So naturally, it was right up my ally. The theme I decided to go with for this phone case was “Key to my Heart”.  I used an old Romantic Victorian style key charm as my center piece which had been collecting dust in my personal collection. I then added a detachable tassel for flare (as all pretty keys had tassels instead of key loops in the Victorian era). The key charm was just one of a couple of my own pieces that I used in this beauty; EVERYTHING else you see here was provided by Rockin Resin!

I received the following items from Rockin Resin. Highlighted (or marked) in pink are the items I used in this Rockin Resin design project:

Design Team Items Received

The beautiful heart-shaped iridescent stones where one of my favorite pieces used in this phone case (located above the brass knuckles cabochon). Rockin Resin has so many high quality stones but the small hearts used in this design were simply stunning. (I don’t think I’ve seen better quality.) Then of course the obnoxiously huge (super Kawaii) pink bow came in at a very close second favorite. The large hot pink nail polish cabochon screamed “glam!” and added just the right finishing touch.

SadiraDesigns Completed Sept 2014 Project Placement

Key Charm, Black Tassel, and small striped Chanel Cabochon are from my own collection.

SadiraDesigns Completed Sept 2014 Project

SadiraDesigns Completed Sept 2014 Project Side View

SadiraDesigns.comYou can find Sadira’s website by clicking the image above or also on Etsy at
This case is currently available for purchase on Etsy here.


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Introducing the Design Team for Fall 2014

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I am happy to introduce the first ever design team for fall 2014.  I had quite a few interested in joining the team and picked three for the first team that I thought would show a variety of beautiful projects, had a great online presence, and took beautiful photos.  I am very excited to show you new projects and designs for inspiration featuring products I carry in the store!  The new design team members include:

Team Member #1: Ash E.  Ash is primarily a jewelry artist but wants to try out Decoden.  You can find her online at

Team Member #2:  Monika T.  She does it all – jewelry, Decoden, resin crafts, and more.  Monika can be found on Facebook at or on Etsy at

Team Member #3:  Sadira.  She is also both a jewelry and deco phone case artist.  Sadira can be found at or on Facebook at

I am hoping that all goes well in the next three months and I can continue the team and possibly create kits and challenges for additional members.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see the first completed projects.  I wish you all a wonderful Labor Day 2014.

P.S.  Stay tuned to Facebook this weekend for a Labor Day Sale!!

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Want free product? Why not join the design team…

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Interested in joining the design team? I am looking for two individuals, possibly three, to be on the team. Members of the team will receive a package monthly with a selection of supplies for design team projects to be completed and posted on the blog and photographs used in promotions and on product pages. The chosen team members will be responsible for completing two projects monthly each prominently featuring the products sent. You will also be responsible for writing a small post about the project. The ability to also promote our site with your project on your own blog, Facebook page, Instagram, etc., is preferred. The design team term will last for 3 months to start.


  1. Facebook page and/or an active blog or website. Other social media a plus.
  2. The ability to take quality pictures with good lighting.
  3. Able to meet deadlines when your project is due.
  4. Be located in the United States and be 18 years or older or participate with your parents’ permission.
  5. Not be a seller or reseller of any of the same or similar supplies.

What Design team members will receive:

  1. A selection of products monthly to create projects. All items and finished pieces are yours to keep.
  2. A 20% discount on any additional products you would like to purchase from
  3. Exposure for your name and blog on the site with a link to your coordinating site/post.

If your interested in joining, please send the following information to me at Megan at RockinResin dot com

  1. Your name.
  2. Your location (city & state).
  3. Your age (if your 18 years or younger).
  4. Links to your online store(s), blog, and social pages (i.e. Facebook. Youtube, Instragram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.).  If you don’t have an online presence, please attach photographs to your e-mail of samples of your work.
  5. Are you a jewelry maker or a Deco artist, or both?  If neither, what is your specialty?
  6. Do you sell supplies?
  7. Are your able to meet deadlines and have time to create at least two projects monthly (one ever two weeks)?
  8. Have you purchased from Rockin Resin previously?
  9. Lastly, tell me about yourself.

To be considered, please send your information by midnight, August 17, 2014.  I am looking forward to working with a few of you.



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New July Giveaway Starting Now!

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Just posted the new monthly giveaway for July!  This time you get your choice in a prize by winning a $15 gift certificate to  There are a lot of ways to enter the giveaway after you enter by being a Facebook fan.  Please be sure that you actually complete the task to qualify as I had two people that were picked by last giveaway that I had to disqualify as winners because they did not subscribe on Youtube or post to Twitter.  Giveaway ends at midnight on the last day of July.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am thinking of having a design team as I don’t get as much time to create as I would like but would like to add projects and tutorials to the blog.  I am still working out the details but it would include me sending the team members a box of products monthly and they would be responsible for a certain number of projects and/or posts monthly.  Thinking about it and the requirements if there is any interest.

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