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New Decoden Bling Fake Whipped Cream

New Decoden Bling Fake Whipped Cream
I am totally excited about this new cream that I had to share.  I have tried out many creams, they all work a bit differently and are different formulas.  Some people like them more flexible and rubbery.  Some people prefer them hard and airy.  I really like this one.  It is more of a wet formula that is really creamy and dries hard.  It is made in France and a super high quality whipped cream. Depending on the thickness of application, it dries pretty completely in 24 hours.  Decoden Bling creams have great adhesive quality to them which I love for adding cabochons to as you don’t need to use any additional glue.  It even holds rhinestones and half pearls.  The packages come in 4 fluid ounce bags and include 4 icing tips.  The 4 ounces yielded everything you see in the 3rd photo plus an additional Iphone case.  I probably would have had enough to do a third case had I not made the mini drink as that took up a good bit of the whipped cream.
Below are some example pieces and a photo of the package.  I currently am stocking 6 colors – white, black, pink, turquoise, yellow, and purple.  I will be adding the red, green, and orange shortly.  I absolutely love the turquoise color.  The creams can be purchased here.
Decoden Bling White Whipped CreamDecoden Bling White Whipped Cream
Decoden Bling White Whipped Cream

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