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Rockin Resin Design Team September Project by Sadira Designs

Rockin Resin Design Team September Project by Sadira Designs

Sadira from has created our first ever Design Team project posted here on the blog.  She created an absolutely beautiful, classy case from cabochons and supplies and a few from her own stash.  Sadira writes:

Project 1 included lots of pink and lots of bling! So naturally, it was right up my ally. The theme I decided to go with for this phone case was “Key to my Heart”.  I used an old Romantic Victorian style key charm as my center piece which had been collecting dust in my personal collection. I then added a detachable tassel for flare (as all pretty keys had tassels instead of key loops in the Victorian era). The key charm was just one of a couple of my own pieces that I used in this beauty; EVERYTHING else you see here was provided by Rockin Resin!

I received the following items from Rockin Resin. Highlighted (or marked) in pink are the items I used in this Rockin Resin design project:

Design Team Items Received

The beautiful heart-shaped iridescent stones where one of my favorite pieces used in this phone case (located above the brass knuckles cabochon). Rockin Resin has so many high quality stones but the small hearts used in this design were simply stunning. (I don’t think I’ve seen better quality.) Then of course the obnoxiously huge (super Kawaii) pink bow came in at a very close second favorite. The large hot pink nail polish cabochon screamed “glam!” and added just the right finishing touch.

SadiraDesigns Completed Sept 2014 Project Placement

Key Charm, Black Tassel, and small striped Chanel Cabochon are from my own collection.

SadiraDesigns Completed Sept 2014 Project

SadiraDesigns Completed Sept 2014 Project Side View

SadiraDesigns.comYou can find Sadira’s website by clicking the image above or also on Etsy at
This case is currently available for purchase on Etsy here.


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  1. This is my favorite design, not only is it unique, it’s well done. It’s chaotic in a good way, without looking messy, and it’s show good technique.

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